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Class size – 8 students
Length – 3 days
CE – 24 hrs
Location – Arizona

The course designed for:
– Doctors that don’t have confidence in placement and need more live cases.
– Doctors that need more grafting experience.
– Doctors that took a course but didn’t receive as much hands-on as they wanted.
– Doctors that are comfortable with single or double placements but don’t have much experience in doing full mouth cases.

The course is designed to teach doctors how to handle a big case when a patient is losing all their teeth.
– Restorative training protocol for dentures, hybrids and implant fixed bridges
– 8-15 placements guaranteed each on live patients with extractions and grafting
– Each doctor will receive a minimum of two big cases: each case consisting of extractions, grafting, fresh placements and immediate placements all on the same patient
– Doctors will get exposure to DOCS Education protocols for sedation as well as be trained on working in the mouth when a patient is sedated.

This second course is designed to continue to gain more implant experience with support from the faculty to gain more confidence in surgery.

– The course designed to get comfortable with big cases
– The course designed to increase speed and comfort
– The course designed to improve extractions and grafting techniques
– The course designed to learn about the new advanced stem cell grafting protocols for rebuilding bone

The three days of the course will be fast-paced and intense. The doctors that come to this course will be refreshed on the placement of fresh/immediate implants and on the SI implant system that they will be using for the course. Students will also be given a short lecture on products that they will be using during the three days such as the ACTEON CT and Piezo, SI biologic materials such as SI Force (Stem cells) and SI Power (the delivery system) for placing stem cell grafting into a patient. There will be a restorative lecture on Dentures, Hybrids, and Fix Prosthodontics for implants. Also, how to design the cases before the patient has all their teeth removed or how to smile design if a case will have reconstruction.
After the morning lectures on the first day, the surgical portion of the course starts immediately. The class will be broken out into surgeries according to the schedule for the course. The next two days are all surgeries, some under sedation and some not. Let’s have a BLAST!

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