Length – 4 days

CE – 36 hours

Location – Arizona

 Class size – 6-8

Implants the students will place on their own – 15 plus (as many as they can do)

Extractions and grafts that students will perform on their own – 20 plus each

  • Advanced Restorative training for diagnosis and how to set up large cases. The course includes a solid foundation on full arch and full mouth (with teeth or without teeth) reconstruction cases that would need the smile design process, matrixes, transfers, and temps to complete with perfection.
  • Restorative lectures from the Aurum Dental Group, which is one of the most prestigious Pros/Cosmetic labs in the country, will go over prosthetics from a lab perspective.

What should you expect when coming to this course?

You the dentist will be trained and supported by a group of like-minded practitioners. This course has the expectation of escalation as each day progresses. On the first day, the students will be learning the tools necessary for fresh placement and the techniques for grafting. During the first day, we spend lots of time lecturing on setting up cases, restorative dentistry, sedation dentistry, and educating you on business and sales.  That same day, all the students will be grouped for their first couple surgeries with a faculty member.  The student doctors will be involved in every step of the surgeries using the skills that they were just taught. Students will be making the decisions on the protocol used during these cases. Each student averages two fresh placements on their first day.

During the second day, a doctor would expect a morning lecture finishing up immediate placement protocols and drilling sessions live on the sizes of implants, drill sizes, drill length marks, apical measurements of implants, protocols and diagnosis demonstration. Acteon CT trainer will be doing CT training with the students so that each student is knowledgeable on how to use a CT when planning implant cases. That afternoon, the students will be grouped in a two pair surgical team to work on their own patients. Each doctor will do an average of 4-5 extractions and grafts with implants each during this surgery session.

During the third day, a doctor would expect a day full of surgeries ranging from simple cases with single units, to two placements for bridges and how to space correctly for the restorative. Treatment will include full arch extractions with grafts and 4-6 implants placed on that same patient. Students will be using all the skills that they were taught on live patients for a long 10 hour surgical rotation. Typically on this day, each student averages about 10-12 placements each.

During the fourth and final day, the intensity will rise to another level. Each student will receive a very large case that they will have to complete on their own. Most cases will involve 8 or more extractions, bone grafting, 6-8 implant placements with an immediate denture adjusted and placed in the patient’s mouth.  All students will get to experience working on a DEEP IV anesthesiologist patient that involves a full mouth surgery with at least 12 -16 implants being placed with a senior instructor that are called SPEED CASES. This exercise will help to speed up the student’s surgical techniques. Each student typically gets 2 implants to do on this patient. During the speed case, the surgeon will push the dentist to move fast and quickly. They will teach some unique techniques that are used when doing large implants and restorative cases.

By the end of this last day, our students are excited and tired. The intensity level by this time, will have reached a climactic point whereby the students will feel confident and satisfied. Our method and reasoning for this type of training is that we believe the biggest way for a dentist to learn is to be put under the most intense training that we can provide. Providing a course with this level of training will make the doctors more comfortable and confident by the time they get home. The doctors will now be a lot more comfortable when they start placing implants in their own private practices.

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You will learn how to use the tools of a basic implant kit. You will learn to evaluate a surgical implant and prosthetic kit based on ease of use and the economics to incorporate those kits into your practice. You will learn to treat four different types of implant scenarios. You will learn and get experience in placing dental implants on live patients. You will learn and get experience with bone grafting techniques on live patients. AGD subject code will be issued upon course approval.


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